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    Charts (197 affairs, inside Ohio Town): Oak Ridge booking, 1914-40 (twenty-six items)

    Charts (197 affairs, inside Ohio Town): Oak Ridge booking, 1914-40 (twenty-six items)

    Township plats and blueprints out-of aerial photo, illustrating possession and leaseholding patterns, 1944 (150 activities). Road ideas, 1926-34 (21 facts). Get a hold of And .

    Structure of your own Peoria group, 1939

    Textual Facts (during the Denver): Characters delivered, 1874-1900. Letters acquired or any other suggestions, 1876-1900, which have files, 1874-91. Fiscal and gives info, and additionally accounts, discount coupons, or other ideas, 1874-1900; abstracts, vouchers, and other details towards Cimarron and you can Abiquiu (Jicarilla) Department, 1871-83; comments away from invoices and you will disbursements, 1875-1900; and monthly and you can annual story accounts, 1875-83.

    Textual Records (into the Denver): Characters sent, 1918-19. Career cards and you may small holding proofs, Taos and you may Picuris Pueblos. Yearly school census records, 1912-twenty-two. Definitions off school buildings, 1915- 18.

    Textual Records (for the Seattle): House allocation suggestions, 1913-74. The authorities records, 1966-74. Probate circumstances files, 1933-68. A job assistance instance records, 1973. Field education accounts, 1964-72. Higher education offer and you may scholarship instance data, 1967-83.

    Textual Facts (in the Seattle): Letters delivered, 1908-19; letters acquired, 1882-94, 1909-13; and you may telecommunications on Company Character, Muckleshoot Reservation, 1912-20. Bookkeeping ideas, 1903-18. College interaction, 1894-1920; and you may individual college student situation documents having Cushman School, 1917-20. Facts regarding forestry and homes have fun with, 1919-23. Special census dates, 1880. Indian census, 1905-21. Personal Indian money (IIM) ledger sheets, 1915-20. Details of your Puyallup House Commission, 1893-1909, also ideas out of home allocation and you will conversion, 1894-1903.

    Textual Suggestions (for the Fort Worthy of, but given that noted): Communications, 1872-1947. Letters sent, 1924-48, and received, 1874-1900. Facts of Administrative Section, as well as records off professionals in service, 1875-85; suggestions of personnel, 1884-1945; and you may personnel instance data files, 1923-47. Records in accordance with financial administration, together with interaction, 1928-47; profile, 1871- 1947; and you will official receipts, 1918-55. Details in accordance with possessions, 1873-97, 1937-forty-two. East Shawnee census rolls, 1882- 1940. Miami census moves, 1888-1940. Modoc census rolls, 1885-90. Nez Perce census, n.d. Ottawa census goes, 1883-88. Peoria census rolls, 1883-1959. Quapaw gorgeousbrides.net sitio web aquГ­ census rolls, 1885-1933; and you can move up-date data files, 1937-55. Telecommunications and other details regarding the Quapaw Judgment Fund, 1959-61. Seneca census goes, 1877- 1940. Wyandot census moves, 1871-1956. Extra census moves, 1931-34. Delivery rolls, 1931-thirty-five. Miami applications and rejected apps, 1972-73. Private Indian currency (IIM) information, 1917-56. Facts relating to home, also communications or any other info, 1918-59; records in accordance with leasing and you can production, 1880-1960; and assessment facts, 1927-56. Info of your own social worker, 1934-65. Info relating to farming, 1878-1927. Details in accordance with appeal, 1877-1947. Suggestions out of blacksmiths, 1875-77. Records relating to universities, 1882-1940. Information of one’s Civil Conservation Corps- Indian Section, 1938-42. Tribal election moment publication, 1890-93. Quapaw annual tribal appointment documents, 1956-60. Foundational records of East Shawnee group, consisting of the fresh composition, 1939, in addition to business rental, 1940. Subject document, 1867-1936 (from inside the Oklahoma City).

    Charts (140 facts, from inside the Fort Worth): Townsites, california. 1907-27 (fifty activities). Various, california. 1907-ca. 1940 (80 activities). Grand River Dam Expert figure charts, 1943 (ten circumstances). Discover Also .

    Photographic Prints (23 photo, into the Fort Well worth): Seneca Studies College group, college issues, school grounds, and you will members of the family and you may house from Peter Clabberl, dominating chief of your own Quapaws, 1905- eight. Discover And additionally .

    Demise rolls, 1931-thirty-five

    Textual Ideas (inside Ohio City): Quantitative, 1908-46, and you may chronological, 1944-52, correspondence. Agency economic facts, 1894-1922, 1926-twenty-seven. Permits off timber purchase and beginning, 1910-eleven. Belongings allocation ledgers, 1941-52. Personal Indian currency (IIM) ledgers and upload and you will manage suggestions, 1912, 1917-56. Permits out of heirship, 1929. Census details, 1935-37. Sign in away from fatalities, 1919-thirty-two. Characters delivered by the Mix Lake College Section, 1916-21. Annuity payrolls, 1907-30. Ideas out of each capita costs, 1928-33. Launch of term and you will demand for Chippewa Indian claims, 1921-33. Save and you may treatment program documents, 1935-50. Employee guidelines instance data files, 1955-67. Civilian Preservation Corps surgery communications, 1937. Declaration off illnesses from Minnesota Indians, 1929-31. Rules and you may buy accounts, 1928-64. Indian criminal background, 1933, and government judge dockets, 1948-65. List of tribal tradition, 1916-17.

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