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    I really don’t yet not look for his like life wonderfully fascinating

    I really don’t yet not look for his like life wonderfully fascinating

    The fresh new divorce proceedings got 3 months to do and he try hitched toward Thai babe just about one week next–into the Thailand (eg Artwork, they had never ever indeed found). Now, five years later on, he could be increasing their 3 students (which he failed to need) and you may cuatro days immediately following she got their citizenship she divorced your and you will relocated to the alternative shore which have currency she would syphoned regarding so you’re able to a free account he did not understand. That is ironic, just like the the guy did the same thing to me to store the latest currency to see Thailand and you may gather their unique, and he magic where she got this idea.

    Officially, Art’s relationship to this woman from inside the Manilla isn’t really courtroom on the You up until they arrive back into the united states and now have an excellent weddng certification and just have it notarized by the a judge and other licenced clergy. So technically, so it matrimony is not judge except if they usually have gone through the right files in the us. (they might have experienced I do believe 3 months just after going into the Us together to do that it papers performs)

    In my opinion he truely cherished their dead partner hence their dying is actually from absolute causes

    Once the a big partner regarding Artwork Bell I want to say he is a superb broadcast dude with super, crazy, interesting programing that’s truly extraordinary. Brand new dude would like to link which have a cute more youthful hottie, which cares? Help him getting emarassed by the their baloney bust.


    He was which have a „video/I am dating” with a great Thai girl, roughly 21 years old assuming I found out I threw him aside and you may divorced your (we had been married 14 age–he had been 40 years old)

    Nothing Ways Bell suprises me any more. Just what suprises me personally would be the fact someone nonetheless believe the brand new scrap you to their cronies spew. Coast to coast aro or something like that of the such as, but he is nevertheless good lowlife.

    I’ve been about news and on radio many times typically, but watching which real sociopath for action was an excellent glory in verifying he was purchased because of the his parent broadcast providers in the 'Psychos-R-Us’.

    Amazing lifeform and hard to assume they are a portion of the same DNA as the everyone else. Artwork, 'anal’ probe the ones from these aliens.

    Oh, and you may sure, for people you to definitely think that sites are closed, he performs this features for about a decade today. Prior to he charged me personally for $60,000,000 he had 5 of my websites disassembled right up until We encountered the FBI stop Him. He was a tiny pouty in the myself to have safeguarding NASA and you may appearing that his favourite guest, Richard Hoagland, is actually a pathological liar. Advised him such-like sky, verbatim, whenever i are into the. He ran 'psycho’ as ever, together with others try a nightmare. However,, the objective of delivering him regarding sky and you can out from the country performed performs.

    In my opinion Ways Bell is much wiser than some body think. He is a multiple billionaire with a great smokin HOTT partner. If only I am able to feel so happy! If you don’t Laws Enforecement will have received involved. As far as age difference between him plus the the newest spouse. I say Do it! I do believe numerous men and women are just envious! In addition accept that a middle-aged lady keeps all proper so you can marry a young people. For as long as its judge, and you can Arts spouse Was a grown-up! Stone To your Ways.

    I hate to trust in that way, but I am unable to help however, becoming doubtful regarding way that Ramona died. I really don’t consider I would has actually thought foul play if this just weren’t into the undeniable fact that Art ran off and partnered very following her passing. We too, try surprised and you can appalled from the Art’s declaration from true-love over the airwaves very after their spouse passed away! It just seems bad! You will find made an effort to offer him the advantage of the brand new question however, my personal instinct effect is the fact anything is actually badly incorrect which have Art! Really don’t think it is to accuse your of any crime, (versus facts) but the guy yes produced himself Browse bad by the their methods!

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