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    Simply don’t let yourself be zany 2NE1, or higher-sexed 4-Second duplicates, without loli schoolgirl junk

    Simply don’t let yourself be zany 2NE1, or higher-sexed 4-Second duplicates, without loli schoolgirl junk

    2NE1: Bom is secretly 50, right? Why else would one do that to themselves when they actually used to look decent at one point. Seems she’s going for something of that doll-like look that someone like Tiffany has naturally, and actually looks good with. Just crazy how popular some of these procedures are becoming with girls, in their teens and twenties, of various nationalities.

    I might query as to the reasons two of the leftover three is actually even in the team, however, I am not right up to have fending out of multiple safeguards pushes

    Davichi: Better singers than a number of folks’ favorite acts, but they don’t seem to get acknowledged much as, apart from visual appeal (and some uptempo hits here and there), they aren’t seen as hip by many.

    Lime Caramel: I have about zero interest in After School, but think OC is one of the best things going. Funny how that works sometimes with side projects. For me, the same dynamic applies to Postal Service > Death Cab, for instance. Could be that After School has never connected with me, for whatever reason. Bunch of pretty girls singing music I don’t care about. like 4-Minute, or Rania. May need to give AF another chance, but until then: Pass.

    Sistar: Considering Hyorin will sing circles around her, Bora isn’t nearly hot enough to be as average of an „MC” as she is. CL, Miyro, Zinger, etc. are far better; rookie/junior, or not. She strikes me as being in that rung or two above Tiffany-level, where Woori and other gimmick „MCs” reside. Would be good if she progresses rhyme wise and vocally. I presume there’s a fair amount of ghost-writing going on in some of these cases.

    Free myself the latest indicate mugs, actions, ad-libs and you will topic you read from viewing some Viacom companies

    Miracle: I wonder if they’d perform as well as they do if Hyosung weren’t in the group, causing the rest to raise their game a few extra percentage points. Replace her with someone like Taeyeon, or, better, Jiyeon and I’m certain they wouldn’t be as good. High up on the list of Juniors, although „Madonna” is „Bo Peep” levels of painful.

    T-ara: Should be more popular than they are. Better, more consistent material would help. „Roly Poly” has its place, but „Bo Peep” just isn’t a good song – hit at home and abroad, or not. The primary four (trio+Soyeon) deserve better than that.

    KARA: Only in recent months did I even bother to notice how tailor made they are for success in Japan. Nearly everything from their name (ease of pronunciation, no translation needed), sound, and looks, to general demeanor/disposition works. Factor in how, as a collective, their Japanese is among the best of any Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese/Sing/Thai/etc. celebs, and that they usually don’t resort to offensive „this is how Japanese people talk, and act” hijinks, and they’re pretty much golden on that front. If Rainbow were to cut out the weirdness, they could also be in that realm. Although, „A” is so huge, no one seems to care either way.

    Korean Cool-Increase: Apart from Tablo/Epik and a few others, it tends to be hard to listen to, or watch. Often more derivative than some modern K-Pop (no small feat), while regularly veering into https://getbride.org/tr/belcika-kadinlari/ caricatures of the root music and cultures it so heavily borrows from. If listeners don’t have a solid foundation in, or proper understanding of the source music/cultures, I think it’d be hard to be fully forthright about the outside influences.

    Rainbow: Something, something, Ji Sook. That is all. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the sub-group doing folk music, ballads, or something experimental.

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