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    Textual Information (in the San francisco): Management telecommunications, 1928-57

    Textual Information (in the San francisco): Management telecommunications, 1928-57

    Monetary details and you may take a trip authorizations, 1958-62. Personal Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1951-53. Tribal council election ideas, 1934-54. Washoe Land Services Business info, 1948-62. Land and you may irrigation interaction, 1939-57. Questionnaire and you may surface details, 1949-55. Rent data files, 1932-56.

    Textual Records (in Denver): General details, plus emails acquired, 1890-1924; intra-service telecommunications, 1909-10; topic data files, 1900-25; round emails, 1884-1924; decimal document, 1926-52; and you may superintendent’s diaries, 1908-11. Program goal communication documents, 1939-85. Information per administration, including flour factory and threshing info, 1915-22; weigher’s yields, 1916-43; sign in from alterations in agency professionals, 1918; invoices out of agency assets, 1906-7; and housekeeping info, 1884-1920. Agency monetary info, together with coupons, 1943-57; standard ledger, 1941-50; appropriation ledgers, 1933-42; and you can allowance ledger, 1949. Records per trust responsibilities, also realty communication, 1947-57; private Indian currency (IIM) ledger sheet sets, 1929-58 and you may related suggestions, 1939-60; home classifier’s industry notes, 1928; forestry and grazing management files, 1930-46; Northern Pacific controversy homes adjustment records, 1937-38; correspondence from maps, plats, and you will tract books, 1926-41; allowance goes, 1926-32; irrigation records, 1940-46; North Cheyenne tribal financing files, 1947-55; and you will annuity payrolls, 1892-1905. Employment guidelines case documents, 1962-69. Facts according to tribal info, plus North Cheyenne Stock Relationship general data, 1927-56; canceled inspections and inserted send receipts for the North Cheyenne Lead Organization, 1964-65; various correspondence having Crisis Preservation Really works and you will Civil Maintenance Corps, 1937-42; Civil Preservation Corps-Indian Division subject files, 1933-42; month-to-month camp and you may personnel accounts, 1941-42; and expansion and you can borrowing from the bank correspondence, 1951-58. Birth and you can passing licenses, 1926-37. Tribal census rolls, 1909-30. Domestic industrial studies, 1924. Legislation and you can order subject documents, 1937-46.Violent studies situation documents, 1960-69. Fitness, degree, and you can passion account, 1929-58. School census cards, 1966-75.

    Emails provided for this new Administrator of Indian Activities, 1nine06-nine

    Textual Suggestions (during the La): Superintendent’s emails sent, 1903-several. Records regarding Homes Government, Areas nine, several, and 13, composed of topic files from District Manager and you may Occupation Representative Elvin G. Jonas, 1949-55.

    Textual Suggestions (within the Denver): Standard communications, 1911-35. Communications, records, or other information regarding the Pueblo Lands Panel, 1918-thirty-two. Census records, 1912-twenty-two. Definitions out-of college or university buildings, 1915-18.

    Private Indian money (IIM) ledgers,discount coupons, and you can receipts, 1912-36

    Textual Facts (during the Fort Well worth): Emails delivered, 1883-1963. Letters obtained, 1860-1923, with files, 1880-1957. Purchases, circulars, and you may round characters, 1907-52. Oil renting, 1952-64. Employment recommendations account, 1959-67. Residential property exchange files, 1912-67. Individual Indian money (IIM) profile, 1912-67. IIM ledgers, 1919-66. Household members check in, 1907-ten. Matrimony permits, 1932-39. Force copies out of letters sent, 1901-step 3. Suggestions of your own Workplace of the Superintendent, plus miscellaneous communication, 1912-16; communications, 1940-59; various accounts, 1867-68; annual records, 1909-53; and you will yearly analytical profile, 1894-1905. Ideas relating to the Osage Tribal Council, 1906-50. Suggestions of your Industry Solicitor, 1908-58, along with topic files, 1924-58; personal Indian guardianship files, 1919-58; and you will suggestions of J.D. Wooten, Unique Agent of Division off Testing, 1935-40. Details of Indian Trading Manager, 1898-1910. Suggestions of the Management Department, and additionally records relating to personnel, 1866-1932; financial administration, 1876-1945; place and you will possessions, 1876-1926; and you will money and you can faith money management, 1878-1966. Information of Osage Allotting Payment, together with characters received, 1906-8; miscellaneous letters sent, 1906-9; system ledgers, 1907; allotment schedules, 1906-9; situation records, 1906-7; and you can various records, 1906-10. Suggestions of your Osage Townsite Payment, 1905-seven. Records of your House and you can Realty Office, as well as info based on permits and leases, 1882-1951, and you will sales, 1909-65; and you can various information around tax allotments and you will taxes, 1910-20. Records of your Gas and oil Section, also interaction, 1922-45; subject documents, 1920- 60; ideas in accordance with leasing, 1903-47; and you will production and commission suggestions, 1905-50. Info of your Hobbies Office, 1924- 54. Records regarding the Expansion Solution, 1915-55. Info based on degree, 1886-1954. orden masculino definiciГіn de novia Records per wellness, 1883-1940. Records per social work, 1908-47. Records in accordance with the police, 1887-1950. Info of one’s Osage Tribal Museum, 1868-70, 1937-42. Ideas of your own Civilian Preservation Corps-Indian Section, 1934-42. Suggestions of your own Structure Office, 1912-thirty five.

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