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    Theodore Frelinghuysen, Chairman of Panel, got the fresh chair

    Theodore Frelinghuysen, Chairman of Panel, got the fresh chair

    Rev William De- Loss Like, Berlin

    9 1854.] Annual Fulfilling Off TH Age Board. John Stevens, Cromwell. Rev Nelson Scott, Hartland. Rev Regal Robbins, Kensington. Rev Wm. W. Woodworth, Waterbury. Joseph Vaill, D. D., Somers. Rev Aaron Snowfall, Eastbury. Rev Roentgen. P. Stanton, Derby. Samuel B. Wheeler, Northern Stonington. Rev Frederick Gridley, Eastern Lyme. Rev Charles Chamberlain, Ashford. Rev Abram ner, Eastford. Rev L. Curtis, Woodbury. Letter. B. Smith, would. Rev F. W. Chapman, S. Glastenbury. Rev George L. Brownell, Sharon. Rev P. T. Holly, Western Winsted. Rev C. H. Good. Bulkley, perform. Rev J. D. Solid, Westport. Rev L. B. Rock wood, Rugged Hill. Rev Burdett Hart, Fairhaven. Willis Hemingway, would. Rev Charles S. Sherman, Naugatuck. Rev Timothy Tuttle, Ledyard. Rev F. Marsh, Winchester Middle. Rev Thomas Tallman, Scotland. Rev B. F. Northrop, Griswold. Rev Good. S. Chesebrough, Meriden. Rev Frederick D. Avery, Columbia. Jabez T. Taylor, Enfield. Rev J. An excellent. McKinstry, Torrington. Rev Austin Putnam, Whitneyville. Rev Charles Bentley, Environmentally friendly s Facilities. Rev Hiram Bell, Killingworth. Abel Wilcox, perform. Rev George I. Steams, Windham. Rev Walter Roentgen. Enough time, Mystical Bridge. Rev Elizabeth. W. Robinson, Lisbon. Rev Israel P. Wrarren, Plymouth. Rev Caleb F. Web page, (not familiar.) Nyc. A. Bordman Lambert, D. D., Salem. Thatcher Morgan Adams, NewYork urban area. Rev J. P. Lestrade, manage. Rev Brainard Kent, perform. Charles Harding, manage. Rev Samuel W. Bailey, create. Rev Charles C. Darling, perform. Elizabeth. D. Morgan, carry out. Almon Merwin, carry out. Rev Edward Harris, New york city. Rev R. S. Make, perform. David Gould, perform. Rev Frederick W. Graves, carry out. Rev Thomas H. Skinner, Jr. do. S. Ireneus Best, D. D. create. Rev J. P. Thompson, would. Rev D. B. Coe, perform. C. Cornell Van Arsdale, D. D. create. Edwin F. Hatfield, D. D. manage. William A. Hallock, D. D. create. Daniel J. Sprague, do. Milton Badger, D. D. do. Beam Palmer, D. D., Albany. Rev David Dyer, create. Rev J. H. Pettingell, carry out. William H. Ross, create. John 0. Cole, do. J. W. McLane, D. George H. Williams, Brooklyn. John uel H. Hall, Syracuse. Rev S. B. Canfield, create. Rev Selden Haynes, Skaneateles. Rev Levi Griswold, manage. J. C. Hubbell, Chazy. Rev Charles Machin, Verona. Rev Robert Roentgen. Booth, Troy. Rev J. K. Davis, manage. Rev Anson H. Parmelee, Addison. Rev Pliny F. Sanborn, Nunda. Rev James Beattie, Fordham. Thomas Lounsbury, D. D., Homer. Rev Roentgen. Elizabeth. Willson, Upcoming. Rev S. Yards. Campbell, Paris. Rev T. Roentgen. Grams. Peck, Richmond. Francke Williams, Yonkers. Rev An excellent. H. Gaston, Cazenovia. Rev S. J. Tracy, Springfield. Rev J. Rowell, Panama. Rev J. Herrick, Malone. Rev Francis es P> Fisher, Johnstown. Rev A good. D. Gridley, Clinton. John H. Thompson, Rochester. Rev George L. Hall, Utica. George Lee, do. F. Age. Cannon, D. D., Geneva. Rev An effective. C. Fifield, South Armenia. Rev John H. Pitcher, Mellenville. Rev Loring Brewster, Platteville.

    D., Williamsburg

    eleven 1854.] Annual Meters EETING Of TH E Panel. 11 O RGANIZA TIO N. Hon. T he blessing out of God having been invoked from the Dr. Hawes, Rev Isaac Roentgen. Worcester, Section Assistant having Massachusetts, is actually picked Assistant Recording Secretary. The usual panel out of plans was designated, consisting of Dr. Hawes, Rev. J. W. Chickering, Rev. Age. Roentgen. Beadle, Rev. Grams. W. Wood, and Rev. Orson Cowles. T the guy Business Committee comprised o f Dr. Bacon, Dr. Pool, Legal Darling, Hon. Linus Youngster, and Rev. Harvey Curtis. t roentgen elizabeth an excellent s u roentgen e roentgen s r age p o roentgen t. T the guy Treasurer exhibited his annual declaration, utilizing the licenses of the auditors, that has been labeled Pelatiah Perit, Esq., Gen. Williams, J. T. Norton, Esq., John Kingsbury, Esq., J. C. Hubbell, Esq., William H. Brownish, Esq., and you will Thomas An excellent. Clark, Esq. So it panel after that stated that they’d carefully checked-out this new Treasurer s statement additionally the associated documents, and found them to feel best, most of the are suffered, additionally, by the certificate from a sandwich-panel of Prudential Panel, given that along with because of the licenses of auditors, and you will turned out of the a trial balance, which has been filed month-to-month to the careful scrutiny of your own Prudential Panel. New funding of your permanent funds of Board, the fresh new panel say, seems to be created using good sense, and you can handled having a conscientious regard to coverage. T the guy panel trust that the program, away from government, and you may bundle regarding keeping brand new membership, which have turned-out so satisfactory and you may advantageous to the latest welfare out of the fresh new Panel, might be perpetuated. This new committee consider your debt regarding $a dozen,042 forty-two, mentioned by Treasurer, and you can proceed to state: T the guy panel believe your announcement associated with reality will establish an amazing interest the newest family of missions to improve the contributions, the treasury is generally alleviated using this weight, the outcome at which ought to be to embarrass the actions and you may browse the agency of one’s Board. A knowledge of the newest urgent wishes of the Board has not yet were unsuccessful heretofore to call onward brand new expected save; additionally the committee believe that it won’t be withheld on so it peculiarly interesting months from the reputation for objectives, whenever all things in the nice actions from Providence is computed in order to timely in order to energetic step. The fresh new concluding part with the report is just asia beauty date chat as follows : The committee participate mainly regarding feeling of regret that has already been very completely indicated of the members of the new Panel, at required detachment of Mr. Hill from the work environment he has getting so many years

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